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Ramp up your Digital Marketing Skills with Illford Digital

Well Begun is Half Done. If your Digital Learning didn't start well, then your Marketing Strategies are at Stale! We are here to help! Begin with learning Digital Marketing Courses in the first half and get practical Hands-on Experience with Digital Marketing Training in Kochi through the second half by attending our Career Enhancement Internship Program.

Be a Digital Marketing Expert with illford digital Today!

About Us

At Illford Digital, you access all the Comprehensive Internet Marketing Courses in Kochi through an improved Digital Learning Experience. Our platform will enhance your Digital Marketing Knowledge and Carve you into an Expert.

We have a Panel of knowledgeable Experts who will nurture you and impart knowledge on the latest trends. Apply all the Advanced Digital Strategies at our Kakkanad office through practical learning methods.

You will learn and understand digital guidelines and loopholes of Digital Marketing including SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Management, Content Marketing, Email Marketing and more.

Learn From Experts

Learn anything and everything in Digital marketing from our experts who have a decade long experience.

Achieve Your Goals

By Learning Digital Marketing, learn every aspect of the digital media effortlessly and generate a lucrative income in the future.

Life Time Access

Our Lifetime Access Digital Marketing Course plan is curated to provide you with an all round learning support.

Digital Marketing Course

What you will learn at Illford Digital is beyond theoretical knowledge and ppt presentations. Unlike any other Digital Marketing Courses in Ernakulam, Illford Digital provides a 3 month internship Program immediately after the Course completion.

This Internship is one of those few comprehensive Internet Marketing Courses in Kochi that adds superior value to your career growth. The highlight of the course includes a complete practical learning experience, exposure to gaining knowledge on industry trends, and easier access to Digital Marketing strategy building methods for a better career advancement.

Digital Marketing

The course plan comprises practical live sessions and a basic learning of all the aspects of Digital Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

Learn in depth about On-page and Off-page SEO including Keyword research, building backlinks, competitor analysis and much more.

Pay Per Click

Identify Strategies about Pay Per Click and Cost Per Click that’s run through Search Engines and Social Media Networks.

Social Media Marketing

This Module will explain about performing a target audience research and competitor analysis to run a clean Ad Campaign through Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. Learn to create a Social Media Calendar and more

Email Marketing and Automation

The Module will teach you how Marketing Automation can help you reach, communicate and connect with existing and new customers.

Analytics and Reporting

Have a clear knowledge on the progress of your campaigns and digital ads by monitoring and finding solutions to scale better. Create a report after comparitive analysis and learn to implement a successful Growth Strategy.

3 Month Internship

You won't find a better Internship Program with Expert Guidance in Digital Marketing available at Kakkanad. You can apply the latest Advanced Digital Strategies. Every Module will be taught in our premises, and our experts will be solving all your doubts related to Digital Marketing.

Orientation and Project Introduction

The initial Session will project a clear understanding on the Modules of Digital Marketing covered. A breakdown of the Modules will be provided.

Project Execution And Implimentation

A Strategic plan structured by our expert teams will be put into action. With this plan, existing projects will be rightly executed and your learning will be at ease.

Project Completion And Evaluation

Through a thorough analysis of goals and objectives, we perform a successful Project Completion. Through evaluation, we identify the impact and success of a project, and create a solution for improvement.

Why Launch a Career in digital marketing?

Our Digital Marketing Course Comprise of Theoretical and Practical learning plan anticipated to complete in 3 months. There is an advantage you get from Illford Digital over other course providers in Kochi. Our course is followed by a 3 month Internship Program focused on practical hands-on learning experience Digital Marketing Training in Kochi.

We ensure every student at Illford Digital will be able to learn all the Advanced digital strategies and trends from Illford Digital Kakkanad.


Benefit 1

Learning Culture

- Collaborative Learning Environment

- Mentorship & Guidance

Benefit 2

Hands-On Experience

- Explore Practical Projects

- Real-world Learning Opportunities

Benefit 3

Industry Exposure

- Connect with Industry Leaders

- Stay Updated with Latest Trends

Benefit 1

Networking Opportunities

- Expand Your Professional Network

- Engage in Industry Events

Benefit 2

Portfolio Enhancement

- Showcase Your Achievements

- Build a Strong Portfolio

Benefit 3

Team Collaboration

- Collaborate for Success

- Teamwork in Real Projects

Benefit 1

Potential Employment

- Unlock Career Pathways

- Job Prospects Post-Internship

Benefit 2

Feedback and Growth

- Continuous Improvement

- Personalized Feedback Sessions

Benefit 3

3Month Internship with Stipend

- Clear Objectives

- Learning Opportunities

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Here is a golden Ticket to thoughtful learning for Serious Learners if you are looking to build a Successful Digital Career. Call Illford Digital Today and Kickstart your Career in Digital Marketing the Right Way!

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Freequently Asked Questions

Most common FAQs have been answered by our Support Team. If you have any other queries feel free and write to us and we will be here to help you

What services does Illford Digital offer?

Illford Digital is specialised in providing a plethora of IT services including Digital Marketing, SEO- Search Engine Optimization, SEM- Search Engine MArketing, SMM- Social Media Marketing, Web Application Development, Web Designing, Digital Branding and beyond. Our Strategies are proven, result oriented and up to date that it enhances your Brand inside out.

What is digital marketing, and why is it important for businesses?

Digital Marketing is a medium, a cluster of various channels to communicate about any product,service or brand to the world. Traditional marketing is expensive and almost outdated. The current digital world cannot survive without Digital branding and hence every business needs to focus on building their brand online. With Digital Marketing you can reach more clients worldwide, monitor growth and adapt to latest trends and updates.

What is SEO, and how can it benefit my website?

Search Engine Optimization is the basic thing needed for optimising and converting your website into a high authority SERP ranked Website. By building Site Authority and Page Authority through SEO, it's possible to drive more organic traffic, more conversions, and generate more revenue through improved brand visibility over time.

What is SEM and how can it benefit my Website?

Search Engine Marketing works through Paid Ads Campaigns that enhances visibility of a brand in search engines. SEM is meant for those professionals looking for quick results through Pay Per Click Campaigns.

How can SMM help my business on social media platforms?

SMM includes Creating posts and reels on social media platforms, engaging with users, solving their queries, educating users about the services and offers. These are suitable for Lead Generation and Brand Building.

Can Illford Digital provide custom website design and development solutions?

Illford Digital offers customizable tailor made Website Design and Development Solutions. A panel of design and development experts work 24x7 to ensure the client is satisfied with a visually appealing UX Design, glitch free responsive website that provides user friendly experience(mobile and Web app)

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